AdPushup Ad Network Review For Publishers 2022

AdPushup is one of the best ad network for publishers. It optimizes publishers revenue and its technology helps publishers to grow their revenue by up to 40%.

Author: Saqlen Mehdi

Published: 2 years ago

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AdPushup Ad Network Review For Publishers 2022

Every web publisher wants to generate revenue from his/her content. There are lots of different ad networks for publishers to monetize their content. Publishers spend most of their time finding the right partner for them. That's why we research and then write an honest review on any ad network.

Today we are going to see AdPushup — a Google Certified Publishing Partner which claims itself to increase publishers’ revenue by up to 40% in comparison to other ad networks. Here is the detailed review of AdPushup. Keep reading till the end, we will discuss all the aspects like ad formats, features, payment methods, the payment threshold, and much more.

What is AdPushup?

AdPushup is an ad network that works on CPC/PPC and CPM models. It helps the publishers to generate more revenue by connecting them with more than 30 demand partners with the help of header bidding . AdPushup is pretty popular because of its ad optimization technology. They also offer ad and web optimization services that the publishers love the most. AdPushup ads does not slow down the site rather its ad optimization technology optimizes the publishers’ site to load faster.

AdPushup has integrations with Google AdManager, Prebid, and AMP. AdPushup support AMP which is cool. If you have any AMP site, your AMP ad inventory can be monetized with AdPushup.

Getting your site approved by AdPushup

AdPushup has robust onboarding process. They usually conduct kick-off call meetings via Google Meet or any other video sharing app to get introduced with publisher and they ask couple of questions regarding site traffic, your goals, etc.

You can book a consulting demo for free. One of the correspondents of AdPushup team will get in touch with you via email and set time for video call consulting with you

Go to AdPushup website and book a demo for your website. Onboarding process starts from the demo call.

AdPushup monetization requirements

AdPushup does not have any clearly specified monetization requirements regarding site traffic and analytics. Publishers who could be making $1000 or less can apply for monetization in AdPushup. As far as the traffic of the site is concerned, your site must have minimum 10,000 daily page views in order to get your site monetized on any ad network.

Ad formats

AdPushup provides all ad formats complaint with IAB standards. Here is the list of highly-viewable formats provided by AdPushup:

  • In-view Ads
  • Sticky Ads
  • In-image Ads
  • Docked Ads
  • Display ads
  • Native Ads
  • In-stream ads
  • Interstitial Ads

Monetization services

AdPushup offers some monetization services which help the publishers to generate more revenue a improve the performance of ads as well as the site.

  • Websites and mobile apps monetization
  • Ad optimization
  • Page speed optimization
  • Real time bidding
  • Header bidding solutions
  • AMP site integration
  • Video monetization with in-stream ads
  • Nice support
  • AdBlock recovery
  • Hight CTR
  • High CPC
  • 360 Real time reporting
  • Google certified publishing partner

AdPushup revenue share

Google AdSense deducts 32% of the total revenue generated from publisher site. Although AdPushup platform fee lesser than Google AdSense. Here is graph

AdPushup vs Google AdSense Revenue Share

Payment Methods

AdPushup supports the following payment methods for easy payment. It supports:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer (wire transfer)

AdPushup payment threshold

The minimum payment threshold is $100 in net-45 days. The invoice is generated in net-45 terms.

AdPushup support

AdPushup support is admirable. It is instant. They provide support site optimization, ad optimization ad ops, payment-related stuff, and much more.


AdPushup is a Google certified publishing partner. It's ad optimization technology helps publisher increase their revenue by up to 40%. Adpushup has premium demand-partners so Adpushup offers high CPM for publishers.

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