Taboola Ad Network Review For Publishers 2022

Taboola is digital native advertising technology and content discovery platform. This platform is for advertisers and publishers.

Author: Saqlen Mehdi

Published: 2 years ago

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Taboola Ad Network Review For Publishers 2022

Native advertising is going very popular in the ad-tech industry because the native ads are similar to the content of the website. Advertisers prefer native ads because they have a high CTR (click-through rate ) .Publishers love ad networks that offer native ads because they generate more revenue for them and does not affect user experience.

Today we are writing a comprehensive Taboola review for publisher We will discuss what are the Taboola publisher requirements, net payment terms, traffic requirements, minimum payment threshold and supported payment methods. So, let's start.

What is the Taboola?

Taboola is one of the largest native advertising platforms in the market which works on the CPC model . It means publishers will get paid when the users click on the ads. Ads other than native ones like display ads usually have very low click-through rates but native ads are high CTR ads because these ads are blended into the content of the website such that they look like the blog posts. Users click the ads because he/she thinks it is a blog post of the website.

Top 10 websites using Taboola

Taboola uses deep learning to learn users interactions and the behaviors and recommends them the content based on their interests.

Many sites are using Taboola to not only monetize their content with Taboola ads to get useful data about their audience interests.

Here is the list of top 10 most dominant websites in their industries using Taboola ads.

  1. CBS News
  2. Business Insider
  3. Bloomberg
  4. NDTV
  5. MSN
  6. The Weather Channel
  7. USA Today
  8. Fox News
  9. NBC News
  10. Zee News

Monetize your site with Taboola native ads.

In order to get your site monetized with Taboola ads, your site must be completing the traffic requirements. Go to Taboola, and sign up as a publisher. They may ask you for access to the Google Analytics account in order to verify the traffic.

As mentioned before Taboola follows the CPC pricing model which means publishers are paid out for every single click on the ads. Taboola is very intelligent in finding fraudulent or invalid traffic which may cause more clicks on the ads. Publishers should not persuade others to click on the ads, as this may lead to the termination.

How to apply for monetization at Taboola?

Taboola publisher

If you are publisher and you want to monetize your website with Taboola ads , you need to apply for monetization.

Got to and click on Contact button at the top.

Scroll down a bit. Fill the form completely and Submit.

Taboola publisher form

Taboola publisher team will review your website and get back to you via email address for further process. They may ask you for access to your website Google Analytics account in order to verify the details you sent to them.

Taboola publisher requirements

Taboola has very clear requirements regarding site traffic. Taboola's minimum traffic requirement are 50,0000 monthly page views on the site.

Taboola Ad examples

Taboola is a native advertising platform. It only offers native ads. These native ads could be sponsored content, videos, and links, Taboola Feed gives users an infinite scrolling experience like Facebook feed and thus users keep engaged with the interesting content in Taboola Feed.

1. Taboola Feed

Taboola Feed is one fo the most converting ad format with high CTR. It is normally at the bottom of the page with infinite scroll .

Taboola Feed

2. Sponsored Links

Taboola Sponsored Links are the ads you can place at tht side bar or in the middle of the article.

Taboola Sponsored Link
Taboola Sponsored Links example

You cannot create ad units in the dashboard. In order to get the ad codes, one of the Taboola team members will stay in contact with you and provide you with the requested ad codes.

Payment Methods

Taboola supports direct payout through Payoneer only. Payoneer is an online payment system that allows its users to have a bank account in the USA, UK, Canada, etc. Try Payoneer and get paid world wide.

Taboola minimum payouts

Taboola has not clearly mentioned the minimum payout but the payment terms in net 45.


Taboola is one of the world’s largest native advertising and content discovery platforms. Taboola offers publishers to get their site monetized with the Taboola Feed, Sponsored content. These native ads have high click-through-rates (CTR). Taboola payouts its publishers for every single click on the ads. The minimum traffic requirement to join the Taboola publisher program is 50,0000 monthly pageviews.

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